IP CIRCLE League is not yet being offered at this moment. Wait for our announcement of the course opening. 
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Course image The Ad

"The Ad" is a digital poster-making competition that aims to strengthen IP advocacies. In this competition, participants are tasked with creating compelling visual campaigns that aspire to advance the cause of intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement.

Course image The Debate

“The Debate” aims to uncover and openly discuss gray areas in the intellectual property laws of the country through a healthy exchange of ideas in a form of debate. The debate shall follow a modified Oxford-Oregon format.

Course image The Quiz

“The Quiz” is a knowledge and skills competition which aims to enrich the IP learning experience of students. The activity will showcase the scope of the IP system in the Philippines, covering the core areas of IP law - copyright and related rights, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and utility models. Included as well are the services and programs made available by IPOPHL, along with IP enforcement, and other contemporary IP-related issues. The program also aims to enhance the collaboration and partnership of the IPOPHL, through the IP Academy, with academic institutions in the Philippines.


Course image The Story

IP Circle League: The Story is a short film-making competition that shows the role of intellectual property on social issues. Entries of this competition are challenged to combine intellectual property advocacy, technical skills in audio-visual arts, and creativity in conveying message through motion picture. Finalists' entries will be showcased at Festival of Stories.